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1 Year (4 issues) Duck & Whale Magazine Subscription

1 Year (4 issues) Duck & Whale Magazine Subscription

Duck & Whale

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One year Duck & Whale magazine subscription. Qty 4 issues over 1 year, starting at NEW issue 18.

You will receive the New release and the next three issues of Duck & Whale Porsche culture magazine sent directly to you or as a treasured gift for someone special.

Duck & Whale is a generous publication at 132 pages, each issue has an 11mm thick spine. Inside are qty 10, long printed features plus 3 columns telling human stories of journeys in the world of Porsche, these articles are displayed on thick gloss and matt premium paper stock. The Duck & Whale publications are handcrafted with creative experience and passion for these special cars. Duck & Whale is the premium publication for the Porsche enthusiast.