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The Duck & Whale Story

Lee Dean is the creator of Duck & Whale. A creative director, photographer, writer and father of three living in Australia.

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In May 2015 Duck & Whale was born from the idea that magazines could be personal, they could have a curated yet authentic feel, making the printed page a sensory experience.

Driven by a need to create, Lee pointed a decade of publishing experience to establish a publication created with an artist's eye and an enthusiast's heart, a magazine that made the reader feel the excitement of the drive while holding the open pages of the publication in front of them.

Physically, Duck & Whale is different, a generous publication with an 11mm / .43" thick spine, the 11 printed features and 2 columns telling human stories of journeys in the world of Porsche lay on thick gloss and matt premium paper stock. This publication is handcrafted with creative experience and passion for these special cars, our hope is that we can share the passion together.

Duck & Whale is distributed globally via three regional hubs; Australia based in Sydney, North American & Canadian regions from a local warehouse, fulfilment centre in California. The United Kingdom and Europe from a local warehouse fulfilment centre in England’s Royal Berkshire.

We are there when you fire up your air-cooled classic in the morning with a metallic roar. When a GT car’s tortured rubber tags the ripple trip at the track and as your window opens in the anticipation of a looming tunnel, and the smile on your face when you exit. We are Porsche enthusiasts, this is Duck & Whale and we are glad to have you.

Lee Dean