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Our Story

Lee Dean is a creative director, photographer, writer and father of three living in Australia.

In May of 2015, Duck & Whale was born when Lee made a phone call to Kieran Power, who owned a dark blue on beige 911 964 Carrera 4 to book a photo shoot with noted lens-man Dean Summers.
Inspired by the curated creative works that encouraged true and real engagement and backed by more than a decade of publishing experience with the worlds premiere titles, Lee set out to establish a print piece focused on the automotive culture encompassing the Porsche brand which would stand shoulder to shoulder with the worlds great premium art publications.
Duck & Whale is a content-driven art magazine/journal, telling human stories about peoples journeys with cars from the first 356 to the latest and greatest from Stuttgart awaiting delivery.
We are romantics and champion the printed page in a fast-moving, attention distracting time. Pick up an issue of Duck & Whale and fall into a curated creative experience.
We are based in Australia, and now have a local fulfilment and customer service centre in California.   
We are there when an air-cooled classic fires up in the morning with a metallic roar when a GT car’s tortured rubber clips the apex at the track and as the window opens when entering a tunnel with a smile on your face. We are Porsche enthusiasts.
We are Duck & Whale.

Duck & Whale 911 TDuck & Whale Shoot

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